This ancient art called Feng Shui might be criticized, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t follow some of its advice. The fact is that it is based on certain standards that might prove to be very useful when it comes to deciding on the layout of our rooms, so that we can create places where we feel comfortable and relaxed.

According to Feng Shui each part of the house must have a certain type of energy, which depends on what this area is going to be used for. However, first of all you must start by keeping your surroundings clean and get rid of all those things that no longer contribute to your life. This will make your home much more spacious and clear and it will enhance the feeling of comfort.

The hall

It is the place where you welcome and say goodbye to people, which is why it must always be cosy. The lighting might help create that feeling, so use table lamps. It is also a good place to hang a mirror, but remember not to have it facing the door, because according to Feng Shui the energy will bounce off it and leave the house.


The bedroom is the place conceived and designed to rest and relax, so we must get rid of all the things that might distract us and steal our sleep, such as the television. You should leave your mobile phone in another room when you go to bed too.

The fundamental element of this room is the bed and according to Feng Shui it must be arranged diagonally and opposite the door. A headrest should be fitted on to it, which is put against a wall that doesn’t have a window.

Living room:

The living room is where all the gatherings take place and where our guests spend the most time in. The lighting in this room is the most important feature. Always have general lighting and small focal lighting using smaller lamps. Avoid any dark corners.

Do not put arm chairs and sofas in a line in front of the television. Try and arrange the seating in a U-shape. Always try and create an atmosphere that favours interaction and free flowing conversation. That is why it is better to use round tables instead of square or rectangular tables.


The kitchen is another gathering space; its energy must be happy and serene. To promote this energy it is a good idea to always have fresh vegetables and ingredients in sight.

The corridor:

The corridors usually accelerate the energy, which is why it is a good idea to put soft lighting, paintings or rugs in them.


The bathroom is your private space, the best is to have it far away from the kitchen and make sure that you can’t see the bathroom door from the entrance. Always keep it clean and free of things that might disturb your peace and destroy the harmony. Only leave the prettiest things in sight. Plants can help improve the balance of elements as long as there is natural light.